Salse Buone - Maionese - Senape - Ketchup


Since its foundation in 1985 the main focus of Gastronomia Effepi has been quality and genuine products.

Through their scrupulous attention paid to selecting and controlling all their ingredients, the company has built up a highly selected group of leading suppliers and the company personally controls the entire production chain.

The distinctive feature of Gastronomia Effepi products is the total absence of thickeners, stabilisers and aromas which would have an adverse effect on the genuine nature of their products.

Mushrooms and radicchio, for example, are bought fresh, selected and processed internally by the company to ensure the magic and goodness of their sauces.

Gastronomia Effepi has always stood out from the competition thanks to the chefs’ creativity and imagination, expertly combining top quality ingredients to give their recipes that unmistakeable and delightful flavour that distinguishes all their products.