Produzione salse per tramezzini
Produzione Maionese - Senape - Salsa Cocktail - Ketchup
Produzione salse per tramezzini


Effectively Pleasant

Two chefs combined their joint experience to found Gastronomia EFFEPI in 1985, with their proposal to produce sauces for sandwiches, mayonnaise, roast whole pig and mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley.

The highlight of Gastronomia EFFEPI production are their sauces for sandwiches, with around thirty different varieties being made. Unlike other mayonnaise on the market, theirs just has an anti-moulding agent added, so with no added water, thickeners or stabilising agents.

To distribute their sauces, the company works through an extensive network of retailers and concessionaires in Italy and abroad, and also provides a range of specially designed packs for the major multiples.